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記得學校教Linux的老師曾經在課堂上問過我們在網路上有做過什麼貢獻?並且要我們到php resource找一些免費的php程式來改,尤其是那種還沒有被很多人認識、接觸的新程式,這樣才可以做一個先驅。老實說我並不是那麼有分享精神的人,除非自己需要用到,不然我很難會主動去接觸這類東西,更別說是做先驅了…。只不過因為我最近在寫網頁,需要用到留言版,我在php resource發現了一個功能還蠻simple的php留言版覺得還不錯,因為沒有中文語系,所以我就順手將它中文化了;這時突然想到老師說過的話,所以我想我就把檔案釋出好了。

PHP Guestbook - script info

Script name: GBook - PHP Guestbook
Author: Klemen Stirn
Current version: 1.6
Price: FREE



Setup a guestbook for your website with this free PHP script. If you want to know what your visitors think about your website this is the perfect guest book for you.

GBook doesn't require a MySQL database to run. You can set it up to process smileys, it can send you an e-mail notification when someone signs your guestbook and you can delete inappropriate messages. Visitors can even post private guest book messages which only you can read! This guestbook comes with IP banning, XHTML valid code, a bad words filter which replaces all bad words with **** in new posts and a secuirty switch which prevents floading (submiting the same message multiple times in your guest book)!

Is your current guestbook full of SPAM? Not with GBook, it has an in-built protection against guestbook SPAM and even encodes e-mail addresses to prevent SPAM harvesters from finding them. For more info on guestbook spam and how effective GBook is at fighting it read this article:
Guestbook spam - what is it and how to stop it

GBook version 1.35 introduced a new tool to fight SPAM: JunkMarkTM SPAM filter is designed to block those spammers who actually visit your guestbook and get pass the security number verification! A unique SPAM-fighting tool, give it a test!

You can completely customize the look of the guestbook by editing header, footer and style files!

Gbook has been tested on servers under Linux and Windows operating systems. If your server is not under Linux or Windows (most are) this script might still work if configured properly (please let me know if you test it and it works).


    * UNIX or Windows server (it *might* work on others too)
    * PHP4 support
    * FTP access and a FTP program

這支程式在php resource裡有9.81不錯的分數,雖然它很小巧,功能也不多(訪客只有留言的功能)、不花俏(介面很單調、DIV區塊分佈不夠密集,CSS編寫程度小),但如果只是要用於像是個人網站之類的小型站台,其實它的功能已經很足夠了。




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  • EDC
  • Gbook email

    回复留言者,同時send email去留言者的
  • 這是可以設定的,但前提是您的php server必須支援mail function。
    打開 settings.php 找到並做以下設定就可以囉:

    /* Send you an e-mail when a new entry is added? 1 = YES, 0 = NO */

    /* Your e-mail. Only required if $settings['notify'] is set to 1 */

    關於mail function的設定方法您可以參考這篇文章:

    bshadow 於 2008/08/22 01:24 回覆

  • taiyao
  • 請問大大有沒有gbook 1.6版的檔案呢
  • 我目前人不在台灣
    im so sorry

    bshadow 於 2011/01/26 08:07 回覆

  • Gordon Chow
  • 你好啊~我在網上找到1.7版本
    因為出現亂碼 想試下1.6版本
    你還有沒有 呀?
    My Email
  • 時過境遷,1.6版本我沒有留,sorry,如果有需要我會翻譯1.7版本的。

    bshadow 於 2012/11/09 14:21 回覆


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